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Statement from Jerzy Pomianowski, the Chairman of the EAF, regarding the situation in Ukraine. 

“The European Aikido Federation stands in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. In these trying times, we are once again reminded of the strength and resilience of the people fighting for their homes, land and freedom.

Aikido is the path of peace that rejects any aggression. We urge the aikido community in Russia to be brave and rise demanding the ruler in the Kremlin to stop the war immediately.

We are proud of our Members, especially in countries neighbouring with Ukraine, that are helping in the midst of the biggest wave of war refugees since WWII by opening their hearts, homes and dojos to accommodate people in need."

Latest news

Kuribayashi Camp in Budapest

    On the second weekend of March, Aikikai Hungary organized a seminar with Takanori Kuribayashi Shihan (7th dan). It was a long-awaited event, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this seminar couldn’t take place since 2020, despite being the annual major seminar in Hungary.

    209 people attended teh Seminar from 16 countries. Therefore all the participants had the opportunity to train with partners of different nationalty, gender and age. We had many opportunities to practice directly with Kuribayashi Shihan as he has been restlessly walking around the Dojo, observing, helping and throwing us. 

    The four training sessions were very diverse and instructive, they included - apart the techniques - breathing exercise, japanese etiquette and also group practice. There was a wide variety of the techniques from the kihon to many interesting versions of them. Through these variations we could learn how to use our bodies whilst staying flexible, keep contact with the partner and to maintain a strong center.

Adrienn Szakács

Visit to the International Aikido Summer Camp

Minister Ogawa has attended to The International Aikido Summer Camp held at the ADEPS Sports Center “La Fraineuse” in Spa in the company of Mrs. Valérie Glatigny (Minister of Youth and Sports).


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Video message of Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport to EAF members about Aikido

... It is very promising to see that Aikido organizations across Europe mobilize their members to get more and more involved in the European week of sport promoting physical activity for a healthier society in Europe. 

I have recently had the opportunity to visit an Erasmus+ project that promotes Aikido as a tool to reduce aggression in schools. It's a brave initiative that demonstrates how Aikido can contribute to mitigate pressing problems of our society.

Building a strong bridge between physical activities and education is one of our most important priorities.  Aikido being a spiritual martial art has an enormous potential to support this objective. That is why I was very happy to learn that several national Aikido Federation's from the EU decided to revive and reform the European Aikido Federation. 

.. [We] remember that both the European communities and Aikido were born in the aftermath of World War two when Europe and Japan were suffering unprecedented damages the peoples of Europe and of Japan shared a deep desire for peace ... "