Current activities and ventures


The MAIN OBJECTIVE of the project is to provide European schoolchildren with an innovative tool to efficiently cope with bullying and other types of aggressive behaviours in a peaceful way. The SkillAiPlus method is based on Aikido, and is transferred to children in cooperation between schools and sports associations. Building on the results of a small-scale project (SkillAi), SkillAiPlus will be developed and deployed to better fit the different target groups and to have a bigger European impact.

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European Week of Sport 

European Week of Sport brings awareness of how important an active lifestyle is for everyone. Launched in 2015 it was created in response to the worsening inactivity crisis.  EAF cooperates in the campaign, encouraging Europeans to embrace Aikido as an activity for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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SkillAi Project is a collaboration between Slovenian, Dutch and Hungarian Aikido sports organisations. It addresses the topic of promoting education through sport, with a special focus on providing young people with the tools for dealing with aggression and bullying.

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Project website: GendAi Official Site

GendAi is a small collaborative partnership with the participation of Romanian, Slovenian and Dutch Aikido organisations. It aims at drawing up recommendations for dojos to implement practical measures in order to ameliorate gender balance in Aikido.