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Statement from Jerzy Pomianowski, the Chairman of the EAF, regarding the situation in Ukraine. 

“The European Aikido Federation stands in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. In these trying times, we are once again reminded of the strength and resilience of the people fighting for their homes, land and freedom.

Aikido is the path of peace that rejects any aggression. We urge the aikido community in Russia to be brave and rise demanding the ruler in the Kremlin to stop the war immediately.

We are proud of our Members, especially in countries neighbouring with Ukraine, that are helping in the midst of the biggest wave of war refugees since WWII by opening their hearts, homes and dojos to accommodate people in need."

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A Call for Support in Slovenia's Time of Need 

August 2023

Slovenian Aikikai Federation is raising funds for victims of floods in Slovenia. 

Dear Aikido Community Worldwide,

The people of Slovenia have recently endured devastating flooding, leaving many families without homes, belongings, and hope. In the spirit of harmony and compassion that defines the art of Aikido, let us come together today to extend our hand in support of all who are facing a time of immense hardship. 

The Slovenian Aikikai Federation, driven by the principles that Aikido embodies, is launching a heartfelt campaign to assist those affected by this catastrophe. Our goal is to raise at least €5000 to aid in the process of rebuilding homes and lives. In times like these, we are reminded of the essence of Aikido – the art of blending and redirecting forces, not only on the tatami but also in the world around us.

We humbly call upon every member of the global Aikido family to join hands with us. Your contributions, no matter the size, will make a tangible difference in the lives of those who have lost everything. As Aikidokas, we understand that our responsibility extends beyond the dojo. The Aikido spirit teaches us to be guardians of harmony and beacons of support in times of adversity.

Let us stand as a united front, displaying the true strength of the Aikido community. Together, we can show that our dedication to peace and compassion goes beyond the mat – it extends to every corner of the world where our fellow human beings are in need.

To contribute to this noble cause, please visit our donation page at 

Your generosity will directly impact the lives of those struggling to find solace and rebuild. Every euro counts and every gesture of solidarity echoes the teachings of O-Sensei. Your support will not only help rebuild homes but also restore faith and resilience in the hearts of those who have faced such devastation.

Thank you for embodying the true essence of Aikido and extending your kindness to those in need. Let us remind the world that Aikido is not just a martial art – it is a way of life, a path of compassion, and a beacon of light in the darkest of times.

In unity and compassion,

Slovenian Aikikai Federation

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4th General Assembly meeting in Papendaal

June 2023

The European Aikido Federation had its 4th General Assembly meeting in Papendaal, the Netherlands last Sunday, 18 June, in the presence of one of its senior counselors, Christian Tissier Shihan.

The EAF statutes were amended in order to facilitate the accession of associate Members of the IAF and HROs from EU candidate countries, provided that they meet all other conditions of membership. The EAF family is now enlarged with Aikiaki Hungary and Malta Aikikai.

Interesting topics were discussed, such as the outcome of the Erasmus funded project GendAi, a small collabarative partnership that produced valuable guidelines on how to attract and retain women to aikido, based on research and experience.

The Members agreed to set up a database of European aikido instructors who will receive a certificate to help instructors mobility accros the European Union. 

The EAF is grateful to Aikido Bond Nederland for hosting the event.

- Gergő Pasqualetti

Kuribayashi Camp in Budapest

March 2023

On the second weekend of March, Aikikai Hungary organized a seminar with Takanori Kuribayashi Shihan (7th dan). It was a highly anticipated event, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminar had not been held since 2020, despite being the annual major seminar in Hungary.

A total of 209 people from 16 countries attended the seminar, offering all participants the opportunity to train with partners of different nationalities, genders, and ages. Kuribayashi Shihan actively walked around the dojo, observing, helping, and throwing us, which gave everyone the chance to practice directly with him.

The four training sessions were highly diverse and instructive. They included not only techniques, but also breathing exercises, Japanese etiquette, and group practice. There was a wide variety of techniques, from kihon to many interesting variations of them. Through these variations, we were able to learn how to use our bodies while staying flexible, maintaining contact with our partners, and keeping a strong center.

Overall, the seminar was a great success and a valuable learning experience for all who attended.

- Adrienn Szakács


EAF is the association of European National Aikido organisations serving to promote the art of Aikido and provide assistance to its members on the EU level.



Video message of Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport to EAF members about Aikido

... It is very promising to see that Aikido organizations across Europe mobilize their members to get more and more involved in the European week of sport promoting physical activity for a healthier society in Europe. 

I have recently had the opportunity to visit an Erasmus+ project that promotes Aikido as a tool to reduce aggression in schools. It's a brave initiative that demonstrates how Aikido can contribute to mitigate pressing problems of our society.

Building a strong bridge between physical activities and education is one of our most important priorities.  Aikido being a spiritual martial art has an enormous potential to support this objective. That is why I was very happy to learn that several national Aikido Federation's from the EU decided to revive and reform the European Aikido Federation. 

.. [We] remember that both the European communities and Aikido were born in the aftermath of World War two when Europe and Japan were suffering unprecedented damages the peoples of Europe and of Japan shared a deep desire for peace ... "